What Does It Take?

LA is a unique dating scene where every man thinks he can land a supermodel leaving the pretty girls who are under 5’10” out in the cold or online. I have nothing against people who swear the internet is the place to go to meet singles, but in my experiences it is the place to meet losers. To this day the best was the guy who called for phone sex after the second date. Now call me traditional, but I like to have actual sex before getting into a round of moaning over the phone. Not to mention I generally wait until I know more than someone’s name before climbing into bed with him. Now I will give him credit; he was 3000 miles away and it was about 4am his time, but seriously doesn’t every hotel offer pay cable.

Shockingly he did not call me again, after I suggested he check outside and see if there was a pretty woman who would offer up her services in person.

Oh well, it is another one for the the little black book (though I doubt we will talk again).


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