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Ghouls ‘n Goblins
October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!! Get ready to hit the town and join the costumes masses competing to see whose costume rules the roost.  That said, don’t expect too much variety.  Halloween serves as the perfect opportunity for women to slip into their shortest skirt, attach a tail and ears or horns and hit the streets.  After all, my friends and I decided years ago, All Hallows Eve gave us an excuse to dress like sluts and not be judged.  Now if I could just get over my hatred for showing my legs in public this would all be much easier (though it does give me an excuse to wear fishnets).

And ladies watch out… the kissing booths will be out in full force.  I learned in college (thanks to my wonderful and eclectic group of friends) that men think dressing up as kissing booths will improve their odds of getting action on Halloween.  I don’t know a large box seems like a hinderance to intimacy, maybe I am just missing something about the raw attraction of a man wearing a box.  Give me a shirtless Marc Antony (especially in West Hollywood) instead.  I know, most men willing to dress up as Marc Antony are not interested in straight women, but I can still enjoy the eye candy.

TRICK OR TREAT!!! Enjoy the scene and have a blast.


Beauty Over Brains…
October 30, 2009

It seems like beauty is becoming more critical than intelligence, everyone wants the girl or guy who looks the part.  This plays out in the professional and the dating world.  You can work in the big corporations if you are willing to wear the same suit everyone else is wearing and look great wearing it.  Be careful if you want to tone down the makeup one day or show a little individuality.  Breaking out of the mold will get you noticed, but not necessarily for the right reasons.  Corporate big wigs want their underlings to look like models to the point where sometimes beauty can replace brains.

It does not change much on the dating scene.  The uniform for guys at bars is the same; loose fitting jeans, a t-shirt with a button down.  The deal is not much different for the girls.  We have more options but there is not much creativity.  We show up either in tight jeans with a sexy top, or a short dress (maybe with leggings to keep with the current trend).  And it is no surprise, the shorter the hemline the more guys will try to pick a girl up.  Even while talking to one woman, they will start checking out the bar to see if there is someone better.  Keep in mind just looking at someone tells you almost nothing, it is only when you talk to them that you find out if they are worth your time.

This is now to say girls are not doing the same thing.  We are checking out the scene looking for the tallest hottest guy in the room, the one who looks like he has the most money, the one who looks like he has the best ride.

So does that mean we should change what we are looking for?

NO!  I am all for raw attraction.  But, it would be nice if what was beneath the skin mattered as much as looking the part.

What Does It Take?
October 9, 2009

LA is a unique dating scene where every man thinks he can land a supermodel leaving the pretty girls who are under 5’10” out in the cold or online. I have nothing against people who swear the internet is the place to go to meet singles, but in my experiences it is the place to meet losers. To this day the best was the guy who called for phone sex after the second date. Now call me traditional, but I like to have actual sex before getting into a round of moaning over the phone. Not to mention I generally wait until I know more than someone’s name before climbing into bed with him. Now I will give him credit; he was 3000 miles away and it was about 4am his time, but seriously doesn’t every hotel offer pay cable.

Shockingly he did not call me again, after I suggested he check outside and see if there was a pretty woman who would offer up her services in person.

Oh well, it is another one for the the little black book (though I doubt we will talk again).